Hand Made  WineToppers

The Original WineTopper!!!

Since 1993

Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life!!!

I will do a custom designed Special Edition for your event or occasion.

I also do team colors representing collegiate and professional teams.

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Please call or email for specific information:
276-880-7854 or 251-269-8392

All WineToppers are hand formed of solid porcelain which is guaranteed to never break, chip, fade, or discolor.

The Cork is attached via a 3/8 inch wood dowel, which should provide years of usage.  

The cork is replaced free of charge for any reason at any time!

I developed the product in 1993 and coined the name "WineTopper", which I trademarked in 1996.  Since that time I have sold literally thousands of WineToppers.  I receive approximately ten per year for cork replacement.  

I have done numerous Special Editions for weddings, grand openings, anniversaries, etc.  Specials come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed and numbered.

I am always adding new designs.  Check this space for my most recent creations!!!

On the following pages you can see items available for order...or contact me to discuss a custom design.  I do special editions for booster organizations for fundraising.  Prices vary depending on the complexity of the design and the number of WineToppers ordered.  Each one is always hand painted so there will be some variation.

Please contact me for additional details.

276-880-7854  or  251-269-8392

Seeing is believing, and I want you to believe in me.

Check out a sample of my latest work.

A true creative heart through and through.

I offer a wealth of design experience and services.

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